Star Sheep Enterprise (with imperfection)


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Star Sheep Enterprise (with imperfection)


Framed Limited Edition 3D High Gloss Resin Finish Prints

Featuring a VW camper space rocket with an ‘I Love Devon’ plate (see image) – very appropriate for Bowens space adventuring sheep!

PLEASE NOTE: This picture has an imperfection, there is a bubble in it’s resin finish. Please see last two images to see the bubble. It looks like it’s part of the picture so easy to miss, it’s like it could have been put there by the artist, but is in fact a bubble.


Out of stock online - call us

Limited Edition of 100 3D High Gloss Resin Finish

Image size 51 x 51 cm

Framed size 71.5 x 71.5 cm

From the new ‘Ewe-niverse’ series

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Framed Print, Limited Edition


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